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Cynic Paradise

Cynic Paradise

1 – I’m Going In 3:16
2 – Monkey Business 4:05
3 – Follow Me 4:16
4 – Have A Drink On Me 3:53
5 – Don’t Care 2:42
6 – Reach Out (And Regret) 3:55
7 – Generation X 4:18
8 – No One Knows 3:50
9 – Live Fast / Die Young 3:42
10 – Not Your Kind 4:09
11 – Feed Us 4:14

“Cynic Paradise goes boom! all the way with its full frontal guitar attacks and will make you shake`n`dance!” Emma Perez / ZILLO (D)

One of the most creative and innovative masterminds of the Metal scene strikes back – Peter Tägtgren, infamous studio wiz and head of mighty Death Metal veterans HYPOCRISY, serves us the latest slab of infectious Industrial Metal with PAIN´s “Cynic Paradise”!

Tägtgren, always striving for a different outlook on the music he loves, decided to go for a one-man-band in 1996 that would truly push boundaries outside of the realms of HYPOCRISY. He decided to not only play every instrument himself, but opted for a rather technoid approach after experimenting with beats on his computer. Thus PAIN and the self-titled debut album saw the light of day in 1997, released on Nuclear Blast. In 2000 “Rebirth” followed which features the fan favourite single ‘End of the line’ that went Gold in Sweden, marking the commercial breakthrough of PAIN. Album number three, “Nothing remains the same”, saw the Metal / Industrial mixture develop to pure perfection in 2002 – the BEATLES coverversion ‘Eleanor Rigby’ was even recorded with a massive Swedish orchestra, and ‘Shut your mouth’ can be considered a classic tune today! The album entered the Swedish charts at # 6. “Dancing with the dead”, released in 2005 and dealing with Peter`s near death experience, even outdid the previous record with going for a sensational # 3 in the Swedish album charts. Straight rock influences outweighed the electronic beats this time around, and the album easily is the darkest and gloomiest in the whole PAIN history. After the impressive live DVD set “Live is overrated” in 2006, Mr. Tägtgren unfolded the “Psalms of extinction” to his huge fanbase in 2007. Illustruous guests such as Anders Iwers (IN FLAMES), Alexi Laiho (CHILDREN OF BODOM) and Mikkey Dee (MOTÖRHEAD) starred on the album, and PAIN supported NIGHTWISH on their massive European tour in front of over 150.000 people in 18 countries.

2008 sees the return of PAIN to motherly folds: just like the debut, Peter Tägtgren will release “Cynic Paradise” on Nuclear Blast – fittingly on Halloween! This time around, Peter even let his live musicians help him a tiny bit with the studio work: drummer David Wallin can be heard on ‘Don`t care’, guitarist Michael Bohlin added some additional programming, and bass player Johan Husgavfel is playing on ‘Live fast / Die young’. And to continue the guest star tradition, Anette Olzon of NIGHTWISH fame is singing on the ultra-catchy ‘Follow me’ and ‘Feed us’! “Cynic Paradise” shows Peter Tägtgren from his most variable side, even including Western slide guitars and mixing it with monstruous riffs and tough beats. Check out this masterpiece – and step into the “Cynic Paradise”!