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*NEW* COMING HOME AGAIN TOUR SHIRT AND GIRLIE Will be available at the upcoming shows. 🤘

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Dont forget to get your ticket!!🤘

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Pain - Bands

North America! If you didn’t get your shirt at the tour, then there’s a few left, Not too many.. get it will there’s some left🤘 Where will be no re-prints

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Pain-Verlosung: Meet & Greet und signierte ESP-Gitarre zu gewinnen

GERMAN PAINHEADS! Wanna win a guitar?? ESP…..!! 🤘

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Pain's cover photo

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Pain's cover photo

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PAINDEADS! Last chance to see Pain in Central Europe for a looooong time… Get your tickets now!!!

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Have a great weekend folks!!!

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Thank you!!⬇️ #OrphanedLand, Voodoo Kungfu-零壹乐队 Best crew: Kimmo, Antti, Camden and Steve. We made a lot of new friends⬆️ And Thank you who came to the show! To those who didn’t.. Might get another chance sooner that expected

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LA!!!!!!!! Tonight!!! One more reggae for the road

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Lets go Oakland!!🤘

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Seattle! A few but still loud🤘 Photo credit: Nigel Conniford

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Chicago!! Who’s coming?

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Thank you Montreal!!! You ROCK ❤️🤘🤘❤️

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Montreal! Hurry Hurry.. 30 tickets left for tonight..!

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Happy birthday André Skaug!!!!

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New york live!

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Photos from Pain's post

Start spreeding the news NYC🤘

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1 year ago…

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PAIN - Win a MEET & GREET - Nuclear Blast

Let’s meet & Greet!

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Painheads! Within a few hours we’ll be on our way over to the USA to play at the Prog Power Festival in Atlanta and then continue on our first North American tour ever. You can’t imagine how thrilled we are about this! We have been looking forward to this for a long, long time, and we really hope to see as many of you American and Canadian PAINheads as possible within the coming two weeks! Spread the word!!! Unfortenately, due to family reasons David is unable to come with us to the US and for some time ahead, so he has decided to take some time off from PAIN and once again leave the drum seat over to the flawless son of the devil, Mr Sebastian Tägtgren! See you all soon!

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