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Photos from Pain's post

St Petersburg! Thank you soo much for last night …! Can Moscow go crazier tonight!? We need coffee and vitamins for tonight 🤘❤️

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Perfect flying with Captain Dimitri to St Petersburg and Uralair 🤘

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Thank you #novosibirsk for yet another crazy freakin energy from down the pit at #faraonovosibirsk, Russia,YOU fucking ROOOCK!!!🤘❤️❤️🤘 #pain #petertagtgren #paincominghometour#siberia Tonite we Will rock the socks out of #omsk and #angaromsk

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Midway through the tour and lunchbreak somewhere in Siberia, and wi-fi… Thank you NOVOSIBIRSK for an EpIC freakin experience yesterday, YOU GUYS ROOOCK!! Now off to #barnaul 🤘❤️❤️🤘

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Lets do this #tomsk

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Irkutsk! Thank you for yesterday! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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One of last gigs til next album, thats in plan for 2020 release

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Touchdown in IRKUTSK🤘🤘 Pretty knackered but stoked now when we got some propper PAINVODKA in our hands See yall tomo painheads

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RUSSIA Are you ready??? 10.04 Irkutsk 12.04 Krasnoyarsk 14.04 Tomsk 15.04 Novosibirsk 16.04 Barnaul 17.04 Omsk 18.04 Ekaterinburg 19.04 Saint-Petersburg 20.04 Moscow 21.04 Voronezh

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Karl Johansson - On & On (PAIN Full Band Cover)

Happy eastern Painheads Here’s another great cover from Karl Johansson 🤘

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Australia!! Did you get your tickets yeat HARDLINE MEDIA AND OVERDRIVE TOURING PRESENT: PAIN Coming Home Australian Tour May 2018 The previously announced May tour from Swedish industrial metal act, Pain, WILL go ahead in May! The recent troubles surrounding failed promoter Stag Music Touring led to one of their tours being canceled and cast doubt over the future of Pain’s upcoming May tour. Hardline Media in association with the newly formed Overdrive Touring are proud to step in and take over the tour to ensure the bands fans are not left wanting. All dates on the tour remain the same with all tickets previously purchased valid for the shows. Hardline Media chief Doug Dalton says of the tour: “Hardline Media are very proud to announce that we are taking over the Pain tour due to unfortunate circumstances surrounding Stag Touring. We are also very happy to have Overdrive Touring joining in, two (metal)heads are better than one. Will be an honor to have the legend Peter Tägtgren here in Oz for the first time. See you at the shows!!!!” Overdrive Touring’s Bailey Graham comments: “We’re super excited to be teaming up with the incredible Hardline Media team to ensure this once-in-a-lifetime tour goes ahead! With the unfortunate events surrounding Stag Music Touring in recent months, I think I speak for all involved at Overdrive Touring when I say that we’re looking forward to..

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Russia ! Do you want to win a guitar? We have a few for you! Please enter the contest then, #ESPGUITARS See you soon! 🤘

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Sweden Rock Festival

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KAMBRIUM - Shut Your Mouth (PAIN Cover)

We love whe you do covers of Pain , Don’t forget to send them so we can post it here!! Thank you KAMBRIUM

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FINLAND !!!! Thank you for kicking azz! And thank you Fear Of Domination for great times !!!

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Energy recourses needs tending…. See ya’LL TONITE painheads🤘

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Going EAST with PAIN

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Thank you Falun and Oslo !! Now Finland Let’s born to rock 🤘🥃

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Norway/OSLO ! Saturday is last chance to see Pain for a looooooooong time.. Get your tickets at Or wait for another decade

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KILPAILU! Voita Avec-lippu haluamallesi PAINin + Fear Of Dominationin Suomen kiertueen keikalle - Metalliluola

FINLAND Enter the competition now …! Only a few weeks away and tickets are ticking on and on🤘

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