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FINLAND !!!! Thank you for kicking azz! And thank you Fear Of Domination for great times !!!

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Energy recourses needs tending…. See ya’LL TONITE painheads🤘

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Going EAST with PAIN

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Thank you Falun and Oslo !! Now Finland Let’s born to rock 🤘🥃

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Norway/OSLO ! Saturday is last chance to see Pain for a looooooooong time.. Get your tickets at Or wait for another decade

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Falun Bowling & Krog


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Falun Bowling & Krog

Hurry Hurry…

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KILPAILU! Voita Avec-lippu haluamallesi PAINin + Fear Of Dominationin Suomen kiertueen keikalle - Metalliluola

FINLAND Enter the competition now …! Only a few weeks away and tickets are ticking on and on🤘

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RUSSIA A new tour! Get ready! Marry Xmas everyone 🤘

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FINLAND Still some tickets left!🤘

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Pain's cover photo

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For those who dont get it, Its obviously NOT our Pain.. So just let it go it will be changed soon on”Spotify”

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AUSTRALIAN PAINHEADS!!! We’re happy to announce that we’re coming down there !! Stay tuned for competitions, and Ticket links…🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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Last show of the year!! Corroded & sawthis Photo by Mattias Hedberg

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Thank you Corroded&Sawthis! Great adventure for 2 1/2 weeks! BIG thanx to the crew, that worked like animals every day&night !! And thank you for coming to the show’s!!!🤘🤘🤘 Photo Greger Andersson

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Final show for this run… Stay tuned how it all went🤘

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Sawthis !🤘

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Jesper Koob Luxembourg , A happy Painhead

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Photos from Pain's post

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Jens corroded 25th birthday

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