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AUSTRALIA GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! May 23 Badlands Bar Perth WA Australia May 24 Fowler’s Live Adelaide SA Australia May 25 Max Watt’s Melbourne VIC Australia Sat May 26 Bald Faced Stag Sydney NSW Australia Sun May 27 The Zoo Brisbane QLD Australia Cheers

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PAIN till Faluuuuuuuuuun!

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Pain's cover photo

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For those who dont get it, Its obviously NOT our Pain.. So just let it go it will be changed soon on”Spotify”

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AUSTRALIAN PAINHEADS!!! We’re happy to announce that we’re coming down there !! Stay tuned for competitions, and Ticket links…🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

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Last show of the year!! Corroded & sawthis Photo by Mattias Hedberg

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Thank you Corroded&Sawthis! Great adventure for 2 1/2 weeks! BIG thanx to the crew, that worked like animals every day&night !! And thank you for coming to the show’s!!!🤘🤘🤘 Photo Greger Andersson

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Final show for this run… Stay tuned how it all went🤘

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Sawthis !🤘

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Jesper Koob Luxembourg , A happy Painhead

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Photos from Pain's post

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Jens corroded 25th birthday

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Geiselwind, thank you🤘 And what a great painting!!!

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Corroded warming up🤘

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Photos from Pain's post

Wörgl and Colmar France Great shows and great people! Dust in mind came to say hello, And cheese 🧀 best we ever had!! Thank you for a ton of flavors Marie-Noëlle&Grégory Gerard,

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Pain - Shut your mouth (cover на русском by Radio Tapok)

Heres a cover for you.. Do you have any good Pain covers to share?

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Happy Halloween PAINHEADS🤘

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Thank you Siegburg yesterday for great show.. Tonight Halloween show in Wörgl… Lets party!!🤖

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Nice day off together with #corroded_sweden🤘

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Viva la France ❤️

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Thank you so much Münster! You really kicked arse!!🤘

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PAIN - 'Coming Home Again' Tour (OFFICIAL TRAILER)

The tour starts now!🤘 Got your ticket?

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Sitting in on this tour for David and André, Jonathan and Sebastian….. will be helping out in their best way they can

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